We would love to meet you in person. Visiting a prospective school gives you a sense of the culture, coursework and student life. It offers you a chance to engage with current students and teachers, possibly sit in on a class, and maybe even try the cafeteria food to help you get a feel for the school. We invite you to visit Holy Family School in person to experience our school atmosphere and learn about our distinctive academic programs first-hand.

“Catholic schools are not an alternative. They are a choice to provide more than 35 hours a week immersed in an education where Christ illuminates the learning and the life of our students. Catholic schools invite students to grow in friendship with Christ. This friendship helps students to discover that their potential is much greater with Jesus than it is without Him. This makes Catholic schools the single most effective means the Church has created for evangelization.” ~ Bishop David Walkowiak

Holy Family School at a Glance:

  • Accredited school with a Catholic-Christian curriculum
  • Excellence in academics
  • Pre-school and Kindergarten through Middle School
  • Class sizes allow for individual attention
  • Competitive tuition and tuition assistance, scholarships and payment plans
  • Enrichment and extra-curricular activities

We would love to meet you in person. To set up a visit call 518-483-4443 or you can download our registration forms here. Simply fill out the form and either email it to us or drop it off at the school.