While the summer may feel like it is just beginning, those of us at Holy Family School are here every day, working diligently to ensure the first day of school (September 7th) surpasses all other first days! With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce our 2017-2018 school year faculty and staff!

2017-2018 School Year Faculty and Staff

Mrs. Marianne Jadlos,  Principal

Ms. Emily Fitzpatrick,  Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Phyllis Trombley,  Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Kellie Durant,  Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Meg Sherwin,  1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Laurie St. Hilaire,  2nd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Nikki Hanley,  3rd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Heather Jankins,  4th Grade Teacher

The HFS 2017-2018 Middle School Team:
    Mrs. Angela Adams;  Mr. Greg Jadlos; Mrs. Sharon LaFlesh; 
    Mrs. Trish Carr;  Ms. Jenna Johnston;  Mrs. Tammy Debyah

Kindergarten – 8th Grade:
    Mrs. Trish Carr,  Physical Education Teacher;  Ms. Jenna Johnston,   
    Art Teacher:  Mrs. Tammy Debyah,  Music Teacher:  Mrs. Laura 
    Tuttle,  Librarian
    Library Volunteers: Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Bilow (thank you!)

Mrs. Pauline Bova, Secretary
Ms. Mackenzie Coleman,  Secretary
Ms. Darlene Livernois,  Office Manager
Ms. Bernie Livernois, Janitorial Office
Mrs. Christine Ward, Cafeteria Cook
Mrs. Anne Marie Wiseman,  Director of Advancement

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