Hello to everyone!

I would like to welcome you to Holy Family School’s new and improved website!

I hope you all are enjoying some “kick back time,” even though lately the weather has not been very cooperative. All considered, it is still nice to have a change of pace and opportunities to enjoy a little rest and relaxation… at least for some of us!

I should let you know that while the hallways are quiet and the classrooms are empty, there is an awful lot of work being accomplished!

First off – I want to thank our awesome faculty members here at Holy Family! It may be summer vacation, but I have seen almost every single teacher and staff member, multiple times, in the building, working in their rooms, cleaning out, organizing, and planning for the new school year! It’s incredible how dedicated these people are and how much they are all looking forward to coming back to work! Even those teachers who cannot be in the building physically are checking in and constantly in communication with their colleagues! How wonderful it is to feel this energy and enthusiasm! It’s contagious!!! I know when we all come together again in September it’ll be explosive! I can hardly wait myself!

Meanwhile, I would like to update you as to what some other people have been diligently working on both here at school and also behind the scenes.

First, I am so grateful to have a “Full House” this year! We are happy to have Ms. Meg Sherwin returning to Holy Family School after her leave of absence. She had the opportunity to experience teaching in a school in Texas and comes back to us full of new ideas. It’s wonderful to welcome her back home! As you may notice from the Faculty page, she will be teaching our First Grade this year, and Ms. Emily Fitzpatrick will continue as the Pre-K teacher.

With that one piece in place, I am happy to announce that everyone else is on deck and ready to return to the ship as we sail into September. Hurray for the crew!!

At the beginning of this note (novel?), I mentioned our website’s new look! I would like to give a big THANK YOU – to Kate Tulloch-Hammond for all the work she has done for Holy Family School by helping us with this huge endeavor! In this age of the internet, it is so important to be accessible to people everywhere at any given time. Thanks to Kate’s time and talents, we now have a site that looks fresh and can be easily updated as things change.

Finally, speaking of change, I would like to let you know that our school supply lists are currently being reviewed by the faculty and the new lists will be posted as soon as we get them back.

The school calendar will follow Malone Central’s calendar and a complete calendar with all of the Holy Family “extras” like concerts, and fund-raiser dates will come home with students on the first day of school. This will also be the day it gets posted on the website. I’d like to let the faculty and staff have a look at it first to be sure there are no issues with dates that I did not catch while putting it together.

With all of this said, I hope you enjoy the remaining days of our short but sweet summer. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions regarding the school, our programs, or registration. Holy Family School is open to children of all faiths, and the tuition is set based on each family’s individual situation. 

Thank you for reading through this lengthy letter. Take a few minutes and look around the rest of the site. I’m sure you will be impressed and maybe even surprised at all the things this wonderful school has to offer its students and their families.

We are here to serve. Can we help you? Give me a call and we’ll talk!

Peace and Prayers,

Mrs. Marianne Jadlos