Catholic doctrine, values and practice are infused throughout the entire school program each day at Holy Family School. Holy Family School follows the NYS Education standards as well as the curriculum standards set by the Diocese of Ogdensburg. Holy Family School students participate in the NYS testing programs as well as national standardized testing. We are proud of the academic achievements of our students and Holy Family’s dedicated and qualified faculty and staff.




Computer Literacy


Home & Career Skills

Human Sexuality

Language Arts

Library/Study Skills



Physical Education



Sign Language

Social Studies




In Conjunction with Malone Central School

  • Lunch/Breakfast Program Availability of School Nurse
  • Speech/Language Dev.
  • Band Transportation
  • Latch Key
  • Student Council
  • Resource Room
  • Remedial Program – (CAI) Interscholastic Sports
  • Instrumental Music


Report Cards

Report Cards are sent home four times a year. Both academic and personal development are considered on the reports. The grade given on the report card for each marking period is a combined result of testing achievement, class work, class participation and homework assignments.

Grading System

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parents will be notified by the school regarding the date and time of the formal Parent-Teacher Conference, which is held at the end of the first and 3rd quarters. Report Cards will be given during that first and third quarter conferences. These conferences provide opportunities for communications between parent and the teacher thus enabling both to express the progress of the child.

Informal parent-teacher conferences are to be arranged by either the teacher or parent/guardian as the individual need arises. Parents are requested to notify the teacher by note or phone call to arrange a convenient appointment time.


Standardized Testing

Holy Family School participates in the standardized testing programs recommended by the New York State Department of Education and the Ogdensburg Diocese Department of Education. The results of all these tests are shared with the parents and students, when feasible, and are used to help plan effective programs.



Graduations take place after Pre-K, Kindergarten and Eighth Grade. The classroom teacher, administrator and parents plan the graduations. These simple, festive occasions celebrate the accomplishments of the children, their teachers, staff and the entire school family.


Field Trip Policy

Holy Family School views field trips as an important component of the curriculum and your child’s education. Prior to attending a field trip off of the school grounds, Holy Family School asks all parents to sign a permission/liability release form. All forms must be completed and submitted before a student leaves the grounds.

Our school welcomes those parents willing to be drivers for a field trip experience. All parents who do opt to drive should be reminded of the School/Diocesan policy in this regard. In the event of a mishap, the driver’s personal insurance policy would be responsible for primary coverage. The Diocesan Insurance plan would cover costs above and beyond the parent’s own policy up to 10 million dollars.